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Intersections Inc. to Help Consumers Fight Identity Theft With First Daily Three-Bureau Monitoring Service

Intersections Inc. will soon offer consumers a single source of daily monitoring of their credit information from all three major credit reporting agencies - Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. The announcement comes as a new Federal Trade Commission study shows that regular monitoring of accounts is the most effective way for consumers to identify fraud. The new three-bureau monitoring feature will help consumers avoid the potentially devastating effects of identity theft by allowing them to spot fraudulent activity on their credit files and act swiftly to address it.

Three-bureau monitoring will provide consumers with unprecedented protection against losses associated with identity theft by monitoring their credit files from all three major credit bureaus on a daily basis and alerting them of activity, such as new accounts, inquiries and address changes. These changes, if unrecognized, serve as red flags for potential identity fraud. The feature will be part of Intersections' new premium credit-monitoring service, CreditProtectX3.
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